THE Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) has taken advantage of new technology to speed up its transactions. A key component of the agency’s program is its eCard program, GSIS said in a statement.

The company said the eCard “has emerged as the most versatile multipurpose membership card to be issued by a Philippine Government agency.”

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Through the e-card, members can apply for loans and receive cash. In late 2007, wireless kiosks put up in regional offices allowed members to transact online rather than doing it manually.

Calamity funds

The facility played a crucial role during typhoon Ondoy, when GSIS offered calamity funds to its members.

The kiosk was able to process 3,000 applications per day.

Aside from serving as the official GSIS membership card, the eCard also functions as loan transaction card, automated teller machine card, debit card, hospitalization discount card, scholarship grant card and discount card for some Pfizer medicines.

Today, GSIS information technology services group vice president Juan Philip Evangelista will talk about “e-services for effective governance” in the 25th board meeting of the Asean Social Security Association (Assa) in the Imperial Palace Hotel.

Good practices

Evangelista is one of the “good practices presenters” in this morning’s session. The two other presenters are Employees Provident Fund general manager James Lim Tuang Ooi of Malaysia, who will talk on risk management of investments, and Central Provident Fund assistant director collections and records Soh Tse Min of Singapore, who will talk on collection of funds via e-submission. (RBF/With PR)