MOST Filipino families practice co-sleeping and bed-sharing with their babies and kids. Co-sleeping means sleeping in the same room and bed-sharing simply means sharing a bed. Since Yanna was born, we do both because:

1. Breastfeeding is easy. This benefits us a lot because breastmilk is available anytime and we could get more sleep. Side-lying position is the key.

2. It reduces the risk of SIDS. We can easily keep blankets, pillows and other stuff away from her face to avoid SIDS. (TAKE NOTE that other precautions must be observed and applied to avoid any accidents.)

3. We love cuddling Yanna. Watching her sleep makes us fall in love over and over again.

As parents, we must always consider creating a safe sleep area for our children. Let's make them appreciate bedtime -- a time for prayer, stories, cuddles, and rest.


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