SMOKING any type of cigarettes is now also prohibited in the municipality of Masantol.

Mayor Danilo Guintu signed Executive Order No. 20 S. 2020 which temporarily bans the selling and smoking of cigarettes.

The mayor said the order is effective for the duration of the enhanced community quarantine which, as of Friday, April 24, was extended until May 15 in Pampanga and other parts of the country.

“This is further safe guard the health of Masantoleños, both smokers and families and friend who are receive secondhand smoke, as coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) continue to threaten humanity around the world,” the mayor said.

This was after Department of Health earlier said that smokers and vapers have greater risk of contracting the highly-contagious and deadly virus.

Masantol is the first to implement such precautionary measure in Pampanga in line with the fight with Covid-19.

Guintu asked for the cooperation of public in observing said measure as well as other protocol imposed during this enhanced community quarantine such as liquor ban, social distancing and wearing of face masks.