THE Young Men’s Christian Association of the City of Baguio Inc. (YMCA) is for the development of the individual in Spirit, Mind, and Body and has designed programs for the summer season where the hyperactive and restless, adventurous youth can develop their skills and talents and practice to be independent.

Escaping, if not to relax from the stress of the school year, the YMCA of Baguio is enjoining the youth in search for activities to join in consonance with the field of their interests and where they meet in fellowship and value the process of how they respond to the different learning stimuli most especially in the Mental, Physical, Spiritual aspects of learning.

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In pursuit of development of the youth, the YMCA Pre-School will be initiating as part of the Y’ Summer Frolics a summer reading program for toddlers three and a half to six years of age. The program courses will primarily provide readiness activities such as neuromuscular coordination, visual and auditory discrimination, cognitive and psychomotor skills development and creativity.

These activities were carefully selected and adopted to suit every learner’s capability and interest in accordance with their pace of development and experiences which will eventually lead the child to the world of reading and comprehension and critical thinking.

The summer frolics sports activities catering to youth ages six (6) years to sixteen (16) years old will indulge the participants on certification courses on the basics and fundamentals of combative sports such as karate, judo, aikido, arnis de mano and taekwondo which aims to teach the youth the value of discipline, sportsmanship, and fair play.

These sports activities will also help in developing self-confidence and awareness of the child of the importance of fitness and health.

The seven-week courses for both programs will commence on April 12.

Enrollment for interested parties is going on at the YMCA office. Topping the activities will be an encampment of college, high school and elementary students at the Summer Youth Camp, a program open to all interested youth on April 22 to 25. The camp aims to train the youth on leadership, physical education and sports, and ecumenical activities will also delve on wilderness activities such as basic first aid, trailing, swimming and games to include community service.

With all the choices of activities this summer, I hope to see you at the local YMCA. Enjoy your summer and have fun!