NAME: Francis Blueboy Nepomuceno

Team Name: Team Friendship (National People’s Coalition)

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Running mate: Former vice mayor Ricardo Zalamea, M.D.,

Teammates: Raf “Pengot” del Rosario, Jr., Abelardo “Abel” Pamintuan Jr., Rico Suarez-Dizon, Jericho Aguas, Joseph “Alfie” Bonifacio, Atty. Arvin “Pogs” Suller, Rudy Simeon, Dan Lacson, Atty. Brian “Bry” Nepomuceno, and Dino de Guzman.

Quotable Quote: “I allow them (opposition and critics) to throw in the punches until they grow tired. Then I stand up and let them throw punches again. When they grow tired again I go back to work and do my best at public service.”

Platform Agenda: Continuation of Programs (Health, Education, Impact Projects, Business Developments)

Mayor Nepomuceno is seeking another term in office. His past term was mark by strak improvements in local governance, impact projects, social programs, employment achievements and tax collection improvement. But his three years also saw to a constant criticism from minority city councilors and tirades from crtics from politics and their allies various sectors. Despite all these, Nepomuceno recognizes the dignity in silence focusing his energies in consolidating allies and programs.

Nepomuceno says the political noise, movements and tirades are all part of the local dynamics of politics.

Nepomuceno is faced with two rivals in the 2010 mayoralty race here, the daunting Balibago Barangay Capatain Tonny Mamac and the returning Secretary Edgardo Pamintuan.

SSP: “Your critics and opponents are saying that you have not done anything in your three years in office, what can you say about this?”

Blueboy: “(Giggles) Actually we are the one who has done a lot for the city. People who say that I have not done anything are surely my opponents. There many things accomplished through my administration, there are roads, improvement of facilities. These are too many to mention, now the question if I haven’t done anything would be answered by the people in May 10.”

SSP: “What can you consider as the greatest legacy of the Nepomuceno Adminsitration?”

Blueboy: “The sports stadium. This, I believe is an impact project and a legacy for the future of young Angelenos. This is a major point for our administration and we will be remembered for this project.”

SSP: Two of the contenders for the mayoralty post are actively criticizing you, what can say about this?

Blueboy: “When a tree has lots of fruits its but natural that people will throw stones. Maybe because they do not have fruits; that is why there are no people throwing stones at them. There is in fact one candidate who complaining that he has been criticizing me for almost a year in a local radio but I have not even entertained their tirades. I am not answering them because these are merely bad mouthing and they have intentions for the mayoralty post.”

SSP: “You’re term has been a rollercoaster ride with achievements and turbulent events, how do take all of this?

Blueboy: “We always make it a point to invite the opposition. We plan ahead, we make evaluations of our achievements and we try to take the peoples’ needs into consideration.”

SSP: “What is your greatest regret in your political life?”

Blueboy: “I have none. I make it a point to study my decisions carefully no matter what. All my political decisions were geared for the better.”

SSP: “What is your greatest regret in your personal life?

Blueboy: “I would have regret it if I have not entered public service. I have no regrets in private life.”

SSP: “You’re thoughts on Vice-Mayor Vicky Vega Cabigting.”

Blueboy: “They are the ones who are banging their heads against me. I made it a point not to retaliate. Now they have grown tired of it, despite of that we have remained strong. I believe (Vicky) she is too much in a hurry, now she has stumbled. She wanted to run for mayor, now look at her she is still running for vice mayor.”

SSP: “You’re thoughts on Barangay Capatain Tonny Mamac.”

Blueboy: “He was a former ally. I do not understand why he was in such a hurry also and could not wait for the proper time. We have given him much help then. We will see how it would end up for him in the coming elections.”

SSP: “You’re thoughts on Sec. Edgardo “EdPam” Pamintuan?”

Blueboy: “He has already served in politics and has been gone in Angeles City for so many years and now he is returning. But if he is really intending to return, he should have prepared more. He is not prepared. We have fought for the mayoralty post in 1998 and he lost and now he not ready again, I do not know who pushed him to run.

SSP: “What is the greatest challenge if you are given a fresh mandate?

Blueboy: “I would prove my critics wrong. Though most of them have personal motives in criticizing me, I believe that I need to prove their accusations wrong.”

SSP: “If you are to become a vampire, who will you bite first? Mamac or Pamintuan?

Blueboy: “I will not bite anyone of them. That is politics to me; any misunderstanding is easily set aside. I am not competing with them. Though they are criticizing me they have not come out with any concrete evidence. They filed cases against me but I am still here. I believe this is all politically-motivated.”

SSP: “You have not been seen as aggressively defending yourself from the blows and punches of your critics. When will you hit back at them for their accusations?

Blueboy: “I allow them (opposition and critics) to throw in the punches until they grow tired. Then I stand up and let them throw punches again. When they grow tired I go back to work and do my best at public service. What is important in the end of the day is that the people now you and they feel the things you do for them.”

SSP: “What is your first plan of action if you win?”

Blueboy: “I will continue our current programs.”

SSP: “If you are given a chance to become friends with your opponents, who do you think can become your best friend? Mamac or Pamintuan?”

Blueboy: “I cannot choose one. They are just the same to me. But I am open to friendship. I am their friend but I do not understand why they hit be behind my back.”

Blueboy: “They are rarely seen behind the desks of their suave offices in the Angeles City Hall because they are in the field working to transform their visions into realities. They lead by example. They do not indulge in bad mouthing their rivals. They inspire their men. They work with their men. They are one of the men. All of the aforementioned principles could be summed up in one term—servant leadership.”

SSP: “If you are in a boat which is about to sink. Who will you save first Mamac or Pamintuan?”

Blueboy: “Both of them. I will not choose one.”

SSP: “Do you see another victory against Pamintuan?”

Blueboy: “Yes, I believe I would lead by a much bigger margin in this coming election.”

SSP: “Your message to your opponents this coming elections.”

Blueboy: “I wish them good luck. We are all entitled to seek office. The bottom-line here is our projects and performance. The people will be the judge of the outcome of this race.