Clean up your room day: Benefits of cleaning your room

(Maryia Plashchynskaya / Pexels)
(Maryia Plashchynskaya / Pexels)

BECAUSE it’s “Clean up Your Room” day this May 10, here are some reminders on how cleaning up does wonders not just for your room but for yourself. These days, we’re mostly working from home. Now is as good a time as any to make our dwelling clutter-free.

It’s the little wins

Our surroundings may often contribute to our moments of procrastination. Having that mindset of “I’ll do it later” can greatly affect your determination to accomplish a certain task. By doing the little things from making the bed once you get up to folding your clothes—these are little achievements that can contribute toward boosting your confidence, encouraging you to proceed to accomplish other “to-do” things for the day.

Sort out your stuff, sort out your life

Doing a thorough cleanup can also help you get rid of some items you had no idea were in your possession. Sometimes we don’t even know it, but we’ve actually hoarded things over time. This way, you will also leave more space for those things you actually need. By separating items in a “keep” and “toss” pile, the room feels like an actual room and less like the beginnings of a bargain shop.

Clutter-free for a stress-free life

We spend most of our time in our room not just to sleep but to do other leisurely activities. These days—unless you have a particular space in the house you’re comfortable with—the bedroom is our little nook for work. With most of us working from home, distractions like this can hinder us to stay focused. Maintaining a clean environment can greatly help take out some stressors not to mention it can improve your state of mind. It also helps you sleep better knowing you’re ending the day with a clean space. Make it a habit and eventually, it will get easier.


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