AS HIS and the present City Council’s terms are about to end, Mayor Reinaldo Bautista said he is hoping that the next administration will adopt the reduction schemes applied during his term.

In his regular news briefing, the mayor said although some sectors have called for the scrapping of the number coding scheme and replace it with the odd-even scheme, which is now being done in select trunklines, the old scheme is still effective but its coverage has to expand even outside of the business district.

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The mayor said it would be the next administration that will implement the reduction schemes for there is not enough time for the City Council to hammer out details should it decides to amend or repeal the number coding ordinance.

The mayor said even as they desire to hammer out an ordinance before their terms end, this is not possible because of the process involved in the creation of an ordinance.

Aside from deliberations and public consultations, publication will likewise take time, the mayor added.

An odd-even scheme is now implemented in Aurora Hill, Trancoville and La Trinidad jeepneys. (Rimaliza Opiña)