CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- The Magsilbi Tamu Team headed by Mayor Oscar “Oca” Rodriquez of this city launched Friday its election campaign following the Commission on Elections (Comelec) guidelines for local sorties.

Rodriguez led members of his slate during the blessing of the Liberal Party (LP) headquarters here.

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The inauguration of the LP headquarters was attended by sectoral representatives, barangay coordinators, and supporters of the mayor.

“This is like dropping the opening salvo of our team, with the blessing of our headquarters and the initial gathering of candidates running under this ticket. And this is part of our campaign as well,” said the mayor.

The LP opening salvo started with a mass led by Rev. Father Deo Galang. The program proceeded with a ribbon cutting ceremony to the blessing of the LP headquarters, community singing and others.

“We ask for the blessing of the good Lord to help the team work through good governance, which capitalizes on the sending-off of leaders who are true to their calling to serve the people,” said Engineer Arnel Sicat, Rodriguez's campaign manager.

Father Galang in his message asked the people to properly exercise their rights of suffrage.

“The real joy lies not in the banquet where people revel at something pleasurable, but is found in the happiness of those who serve well,” Father Galang said.

A peace covenant signing was also spearheaded by the religious organizations in a bid to ensure a peaceful election. (Lawdenmarc Decamora/Trainee)