ANGELES CITY -- Residents of a subdivision in Barangay Balibago here are complaining in what they described as illegal treasure hunting in the area.

Members of Concerned Residents of Diamond Subdivision have expressed fear over the reported diggings inside a property owned by one Norman Haynes.

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Some of their apprehensions include the danger of soil erosion, flooding, and illness among others.

With a battle cry “No to Mining, No to Treasure Hunting, Yes to Health, Yes to Environment,” the residents are appealing to city officials to intercede on the case and stop the illegal mining in their subdivision.

Former councilor Louie Reyes filed last year a complaint in court against Haynes in connection with the alleged diggings inside Haynes’ property.

Baptist Pastor Tony Horn, a former employee of Haynes company, confirmed that there is a digging going on inside the property.

Aside from the noise, Reyes said a foul odor emits from Haynes lot.

Horn claimed that he is being harassed by a group of individuals after he testified in court against Haynes’ company.

Horn had experienced harassment through libel case, qualified theft, and hold departure order according to Reyes.

"Pastor Tony was arrested and handcuffed in front of his children and church members without an arrest warrant. He is begging for help from the Filipinos," Reyes said.

Sun.Star Pampanga, however, was not able to get Haynes’ side on the issue as of this posting Friday.

But Balibago village chief Tony Mamac said they found no excavation when he and other barangay officials inspected Haynes’ property.

“Wala naman kaming nakitang hukay dun. Meron kaming nakitang generator at mga frame na bakal pero diggings wala naman,” Mamac said. (Reynaldo G. Navales)