MURCIA -– National People’s Coalition–United Negros Alliance (NPC-UNA) mayoralty candidate Andrew Montelibano said with the number of supporters that he has, he can already "smell" victory in the May 10 elections.

He said 15 our of 23 barangays have pledged support to him. Montelibano started his campaign caravan at Binitin Murcia.

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Prior to the caravan, Andrew Montelibano, his family and relatives and supporters from the various sectors of Murcia, paid respect to family members who already joined their Creator.

The Montelibanos are known for their deep rooted political imprints in Negros Occidental starting with "Tyo Peding" (Alfredo Montelibano, Sr), being the first mayor of Bacolod appointed by former President Manuel L. Quezon.

“It’s a family tradition for the Montelibanos,” he said.

Andrew's father, Alex, is considered as the "Rock of Murciahanons" being the political king maker of the town.

He and his supporters held a caravan Friday from Binitin to Mambukal as part of his opening salvo for the local campaign.

The caravan from Binitin went silently as they were not granted the needed permit to stage it by incumbent Mayor Sonny Coscolluela whose wife Judith is Andrew's rival.

Andrew said they were only allowed in the afternoon using the national roads as the Coscolluela's camp also had their caravan Friday.

He said, "he should have allowed us to hold the caravan the same as he granted their own caravan."

Coscolluela's caravan started from Sitio Puyas down to the main town.

While Coscolluelas caravan passed along Lopez Jaena, Montelibano's caravan gave way.

Andrew's caravan then proceeded to Mambukal and toured some areas in the town.

Montelibano said it is still the people who will decide who to put as the next mayor of Murcia. "I will just do my own campaign and let them do their own campaign. The people will just choose who is better between us." (TED)