I THOUGHT staying home is relaxing and comforting. But since the second week of May, my stay at home has gotten busy with a lot of things and mostly on work-related matters. This is exactly what we call "work from home" (WFH). I choose to do this because it is not yet safe to go out and gallivant. Our beloved city started to open the malls and some selected shops according to the guidelines from the IATF and DOH. Traffic build up in major thorough fares are back as essential workers are reporting to work once again.

However, it is not safe to say that everything is back to the old normal. Remember the virus is highly contagious and can easily multiply once people start to go out of the house and start to mingle. It is crucial now because we have local transmissions and some of the infected with the disease are asymptomatic. We are still blind of who is our foe in this time of pandemic. There are places and activities that are uncertain and risky for us to visit and undertake such as:

1. Hospitals or clinics, there are sick people confined here and chances of infection from any virus is higher in any medical setting. It is highly recommended that unless it is necessary, the medical experts are urging individuals to stay out of these places. Other viable option nowadays is the use of online consultation provided by both public and private hospitals;

2. Family events/gatherings and leisure travels may contribute to the spread of the virus. We do not know the history of our attendees' whereabouts vis-a-vis to the event planner or event host. Let us do online communication with video on or webinar or cellphone call using conference and continue communicating with our loved ones.

3. Restaurants/fast food chains/bars, in closed areas, indoor venues are dangerous due to airflow. According to Professor Bromage of University of Massachusetts, "that due to the fact that respiratory droplets can travel more than six feet through the air on their own, depending on where the aircon is blowing, where you are sitting, and how long you are spending there. You might be the sitting target of the virus."

4. Public transportation, since this pandemic happened, was used less and less. Even though our LGUs constantly remind on disinfecting the tricycles/jeepneys, the use of mask for all passengers and drivers, there have been a number of casualties of transport workers across the country. The main issues here have to do with airflow within small, confined spaces and the fact that it is not possible to disinfect contaminated surfaces in between travel and riders. If we can, avoid public transportation. Let us walk, bike, ride our own vehicle.

5. Offices, this place is small and enclosed and with a lot of people -- likely talking and collaborating -- sharing surfaces and workspaces, set up a breeding ground for the virus. If not requisite, just opt for work from home.

These are just some places that have high breeding capacity for the virus to spread. Let us now adopt to our "new normal," make sure to diligently practice proper hygiene, take a bath every day, wash your hands or use alcohol after touching any surfaces, disinfect areas that are frequently touched, do not get too near with other people, greet persons by not touching each other, avoid touching your face, always be on guard, maintain physical distance, and wear face mask at all times.