AS WE rejoice the impending lifting of lockdown restrictions in the city as well as around the country, let’s continue to choose wisely.

The public should recognize that government is under great pressure to lift lockdown restrictions that have reigned over our lives in the last eight weeks. In order to save the economy from further freefalling, whatever the numbers say, government will lift as many restrictions as possible. Soon.

The business sector is up in arms. They need to get back in the black. Business operations need to resume. People need to get their jobs back. Government will lift restrictions, not necessarily because they believe Covid-19 no longer poses a threat to public health and safety, but because they don’t want to contend with a riot. That’s the reality.

You can’t reopen the economy and not risk public health. But you can’t protect public health at the expense of the long-term health of the economy. Life, almost always, is a series of trade-offs. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

The public needs to understand this. Because when lockdown restrictions are lifted, the last thing we need and want, is for the gripes to begin.

I am not against the lifting of selective lockdown restrictions. It is necessary to jumpstart the economy and to save some people’s sanity. But I do hope that people will understand that even when restrictions are lifted, it is still not safe to return to the lifestyles they left behind.

So, moderate your excitement, mitigate your actions, temper your passions. Don’t rush to the mall. Don’t throw a party. Don’t meet up with friends. Not just yet. Hold off a little while longer. Abstinence is good for the soul.

Hookups are a long time coming. Or maybe a thing of the past. Who knows? Maybe, monogamy will be in vogue. Finally. And not because of sexually-transmitted infections. But because of a black swan called Covid-19.

Even when all quarantine restrictions are lifted, please continue to self-regulate. Continue to choose your activities wisely. Continue to limit your trips outside the home. Continue to step out only when necessary. Wait a little bit longer to converge and celebrate.

Make no mistake. It’s still out there. Spreading. It doesn’t matter what the numbers say. It’s what’s actually happening out there in the battlefield. Our leaders in business and government are compelled to make the “best decisions under the circumstances.” But in order for each of us to stay safe, we must learn to understand the rationale behind their decisions.

I believe that, ultimately, it is the wisdom of our collective actions as a community that will determine the outcome of government decisions made during this pandemic.

In the days to come, please choose wisely.