THERE have been some mystics of our time (some still alive on earth) whose prophecies have either occurred or are unfolding. Consider Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini of Venezuela (died 2004) who accurately predicted the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. She has been dubbed the female Padre Pio and is a candidate for sainthood.

Maria Esperanza came to my mind because of what's happening these days to the United States arising from the killing of African-American George Floyd. At one time, she made a prophecy saying, "It will start here." This she said in her native Venezuela which at that time was a prosperous country because of its large crude oil reserves.

Now we know Venezuela is in dire economic crises, one which started in 2014 amid socialist policies that, because of the drop in oil prices, led to a situation worse than the Great Depression in the US, with 32 million Venezuelans unable to afford food, its hospitals without means to even buy basic medicines.

Maria Esperanza was referring to an economic collapse that would befall nations like falling dominoes, one after the other. As if Covid-19, which halted economic activities worldwide, was not enough, the US is now plagued with civil disturbance because of the killing of Floyd.

Is Maria Esperanza's prophecy on what started in Venezuela now being realized?

Also at one time, when China was not that super and North Korea was not that belligerent, Maria Esperanza also said that the "yellow races would stand up." We know how China has risen to become an economic, if not military power, and how North Korea has become boastful of its nuclear capability to strike way beyond its shores.

She also foretold the warning which I have dwelt on in this column.

Who would have believed Maria Esperanza when she made these prophecies?

And then there's Irish mystic Christina Gallagher. While she has not enjoyed the support of the Catholic Church unlike Maria Esperanza, she has remained under the spiritual guidance of a Catholic priest, Fr. Gerard McGinnity who, over the years, has witnessed and recorded many of the miraculous healings and conversions as a result of Christina's mission.

Recently, she claimed to have received a message from Jesus in 2018 addressed to people of New York City and quoted Our Lord as follows: "...My people of New York, you fail to hear and take to heart My call. You have a very short time to answer to My call. Your life is so busy with everything of the world and that of the flesh. I do not exist in your lives but when the chain of power begins, you will realize how foolish you have become. I call you 'man of sorrow' for that is what you have been in My Heart. Listen in humility to My Wisdom through My messenger regarding the existence of New York, for it will be disintegrated a non-existence while you are asleep and it is too late to awake you. Time is NOW. Your time is short. As I said, I will not call again. The choice is yours. My people, I love you. Turn to Me while you have time. Accept Me as your Lord and Savior."

Christina also recalled the prophecy given to her about the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York, saying: " I must assert that I give the most recent message about a House of Prayer of reparation on the outskirts of New York with the same clarity and force with which I have conveyed every other message I have received. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the devastating danger that awaits New York and the pain I feel at the deafness of people to the merciful call of God who wishes to protect you. It brings me back to the moment when I stood on the steps of the Marriott Hotel next to the Twin Towers on 9/11, 1999 and responded to Judge Dan Lynch that the Twin Towers would come down if the American people did not turn back to God and I knew my words caused embarrassment and disbelief, yet two years later when the calamity occurred, he quickly phoned an Irish radio program to recall the prophecy I had given and to uphold it. I say now to the people of New York, it is entirely up to yourselves what you do. My responsibility is ended when I convey to you what I have received in the most recent message and I will not be repeating it again."

Some have told me they did not want to hear dire prophecies to avoid anxiety. A high Church official intimated to me that amid Covid-19, more awful news, nay, prophecies, would only cause more depression. But if Jesus who is God, and the Blessed Mother and the other saints, even angels, are themselves speaking out, calling out from Heaven with urgent warnings for all, could they all be doing wrong?