Owning A ‘Purrfect’ Pet: Celebrating ‘National Adopt a Cat Month’

Jope Mendoza with cat Chi-chai
Jope Mendoza with cat Chi-chai

MORE than their beauty and intellect, cats are known to be clever and independent, making them one of the most popular choices for pets or companions. In the spirit of “National Adopt a Cat Month,” cat owners share the joys of having one (or more) in their lives.

“Having a cat is having a friend who respects your silence as well as your craziness. But I have to be honest that building a bond and keeping it strong is not easy. It is a humbling process and it teaches you that you will never be the cat’s master. You have to master each other. There will be heartbreaks, too. When I had my baby, my cat didn’t take it so well, which required alterations in our living arrangements. I miss the bond we used to have and I’m determined to make things work. My cat completes my world but I have to remind myself that my cat has his world, too.”

• Bejay Villaflores Bolivar

“Being someone who has five cats at home, I feel that the best part of having them around is that you get to see the many different sides to their characters. Plus, they are so cute! I like that they are calm and reserved, yet they balance that personality by staying playful, active and cuddly.”

• Jope Mendoza

“The general consensus is cats tend to run around like crazies when the clock strikes 3 a.m. They choose to sit on your laptop while you’re working, or knock over that cup of coffee on your side table. Just because. Despite all of that, they end up taking a piece of your heart and soul, bit by bit, with every meow and purr while looking like the cutest little thing on the planet. All of that, and every experience between, is the best thing about having a cat. Or two. Or five.”

• Hannah Mae De Gracia

“Cats are very independent. They can go about their day without playing and attention. When they notice that you are down or a bit under the weather, they immediately snuggle right next to you. Cats are very affectionate, they are just a bit misunderstood sometimes. A lot might see them as ‘bitches’ and at a certain point, that’s true. But just like any real friend, they are there when you need them the most. I have a total of six dogs, three cats and a room full of plants in the house, and these babies have always kept my sanity intact for all these years.”

• Ichael Stevan Serneo


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