LAST Friday, this writer received an invite to check out Citigym’s “The Contender” boxing event at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug. I really couldn’t say no, what with my prolific high school batch-mates Dr. Gerry Ypil and Dr. Oliver Baclig performing ringside physician duties.

The action was intense as evidenced by several bloody noses and injuries suffered by the participants but it was all for the spirit of fair competition, fun and an opportunity for these weekend warriors to test their boxing skills against each other.

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I have to give my props to these guys. It’s not easy cramming a training regimen for an actual fight to an already busy daily routine and endure the disapproving looks one gets from the wifey, girlfriend or whoever as she scoffs at our pitiful ambitions to become a real “fighter.” Ouch!

Here are the results: Jongho “The Jet” Lee won by RSC over Jerome “The Tiger” Tigley; Ace “Aerial Voyager” Aguirre won by points over Dan “The Master” Cuenca; Paulo “The Kamuri” Cheng won by points over Harold “The Hitler” Letigio; JC “The Babyboy Assassin” won by points over Dennis “The Dencie” Malaki; John “The 5ft Assassin” Cabiling defeated Marvin “The BBY” Roma; Alexander “The Lino” Chua defeated Jinho “The Giant” Eom on points; Joseph “Opao” Krawczyk defeated Don “The Don” Buot when the latter had to retire after suffering an injury in the first round.

RX. Afterwards, I had a conversation with Citigym’s winsome fitness director Ann Manubag who briefed this writer about the mechanics of their in-house tournament.

In the meantime, I’m still hoping Dr. Ypil, who packs a mean left hook, by the way, decides to be on the other end of that gauze pad and join next year’s installment.

This early, I’m volunteering my services as trainer/coach/legal counsel. Don’t worry, doc, if your opponent hits you too hard, you can always Clottey your way out of it. If that doesn’t work out, we can always threaten him with a lawsuit. Cheers!

AMAZING FIGHT WEEKEND. In a perfect world, I would be like my good friend Carlos Costa who hops around the globe just to watch fights.

But if I was that lucky and somehow found a way to get un-tethered to my job, I would be in a quandary today. How else could you be-not in two places at the same time, but in five?

First off, I would be ringside for UFC 111 to watch George St. Pierre take on the challenge of Dan Hardy. And of course, the more compelling match-up is the heavyweight tiff between Frank Mir-Shane Carwin.

I’ve had my eye on Carwin for some time now and am glad he is having this opportunity to step up and grab the limelight. Remember this guy has knocked out all his opponents in the very first round. That anvil of a right hand should be deemed illegal.

Next stop would be at the “Super Six” tournament in the Joe Louis Arena in Michigan to witness the super-middleweight battle between Arthur Abraham and Andre Dirrell.

Then it’s off to Nuevo Leon, Mexico for Erik Morales’ comeback match against Jose Alfaro. I think “El Terrible” should have called it a career and this comeback is woefully ill-advised. The last time he was on top of a ring, the limited David Diaz was teeing off on him.

Three years later, he thinks he can come back comfortably in the welterweight division. We shall definitely find out.

Of course, how could I forget my favorite “Ninja’? I’m referring to Bert Batawang who faces Ulisses Solis in a rematch over at Baja California, Mexico.

My last stop would be Ontario, Canada for Ana Julaton’s match-up against Lisa Brown.

LAST ROUND. It’s on a dear friend, Joanne Avenido-Arevalo, who recently celebrated her birthday. Cheers!