MABALACAT – Thousands of supporters participated in Friday’s opening salvo of local bets under the Lakas-Kampi-CMD political party led by Mabalacat Mayor Marino “Boking” Morales. 

Morales' supporters, estimated at around 5,000, gathered near the Marina Arcade in Barangay Dau here, where they witnessed the start of the political party’s campaign. 

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The program highlighted a musical number from Morales and his running mates under the Lakas-Kampi-CMD party. 

The people were surprised upon seeing the candidates interpret their respective jingles with dance numbers.  

Bical village chief Jeng Yumul, Mabalacat Liga ng mga Barangay president, said the selection of leaders in Mabalacat will be based on the performance of candidates. 

“Mayor Boking Morales was able to steer the municipality into a vibrant town,” according to Yumul. 

Under the Morales administration, Yumul said the town earned around P144 million last year, which is more than the P100 million being required to become a component city. 

Morales claimed that many of the barangay officials here have expressed support to his reelection bid. 

Through an earlier resolution, Barangay Mabiga Punong Barangay Jesus Rivera and other leaders in said village pledged their support to Morales. 

The Mabiga officials said “Morales is a man with principles, dignity, integrity and the best municipal mayor of Mabalacat.”  

“Morales has had and still had a wonderful and beautiful vision for the people of Barangay Mabiga, in particular, and for the entire people of Mabalacat, in general, which no other resident or citizen in Mabalacat is willing and capable of doing unselfishly,” the resolution said.  

“We have come to finally realize that we must fully support and must be totally and unconditionally loyal to Morales,” the resolution indicated. 

The Mabiga resolution was also signed by Kagawads Elmer Calaguas, Joselito Alegre, Ricardo Quiambao Jr., Isaias Gomez, Renato Gueco Jr., Alexander Pangan, Emilio David Jr. Christian Josue Jocson, Barangay Secretary Romeo Rivera and Barangay Treasurer Rodolfo Morales. 

Under Morales' term, this first-class town was able to increase its revenue from P30 million to more than P400 million annually. 

Morales said the town has already passed the local government requisites for it to become a component city.  

“The tremendous increase in its current income and revenues realized locally, which have translated into a continuous socio-economic and infrastructure development, growth, progress and stability will allow the town to become a component city,” said Morales. (Reynaldo G. Navales)