There are many of us who have been on Twitter for so long that we might have already forgotten when exactly we first signed up. And, for a whole lot of us also, we signed on because it’s such a great place to just spit out your brain fart just for the heck of it. That’s the kind of Twitter I remembered. These days though, just like any social media platform, it’s been weaponized. Old tweets you posted from more than five years ago are being dug up and then used against you as some form of judgment into who you are. And because we always deemed our tweets to be private thoughts translated into words and then posted online, this weaponization feels very invasive and demeaning.

We’re left to wonder if we can ever delete tweets in bulk. Officially, you can’t.

Thankfully, I found a recent post on Lifehacker about how you can bulk delete your old tweets. I’ll leave below the video for it as well.

I’ll leave you to it then. Ciao!