FASHION shows come in once in a blue moon in Davao City, with designers opting to enslave themselves on their tables designing sketch after sketch.

One problem is the venue, another is the practicality of a fashion show -- it is expensive.

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Every year, there is only one fashion show that people look forward to wherein local designers take center-stage and not merely as front acts to the fashion shows of Manila or Cebu-based designers, and that is Fashion Edge.

Staged every year by SM City Davao, Fashion Edge has become the venue for designers to showcase the best that they have to offer the Dabawenya.

Model after model sashayed down the long catwalk showing pieces of clothes made from indigenous materials, including abaca, egg shells, wood, and what not.

Created by some of the top designers of Davao, which includes the likes of Garimon Roferos, Emi Englis, Fuji Jimenez, Windell Mira, Don Mascari¤as, Dondon Maceren, Edgar Buyan, Jay-R Magdaleno, and Popoy Barba, among others.

But the piece de resistance for the evening was the Filipiñana collection of Tito Boy Guino-o, which highlighted the intricate beauty of the Muslim-inspired 'batik' and the femininity of the Spanish-inspired terno.

The fashion show was given more 'oomph' with the sculpture pieces of Ms Ann Pamintuan casting dramatic shadows on the background.

Truly and proudly Dabawenyo, Fashion Edge 2010 is one more reason that we should toast our rich Southern heritage.

It’s a toast for SM City Davao and the team who conceptualized this year's catwalk. It was long enough for the audience to have ample time to actually scrutinize the pieces and appreciate it.

Another toast for Tito Boy Guino-o and Ms Ann Pamintuan for generously sharing their world-class talent to the Dabawenyos.

A toast for the designers who actually presented new pieces and not mere rehash of the pieces that they have already presented times too many in other fashion shows. People actually look at the pieces and remember if the same one was already presented before.

Overall, Fashion Edge 2010 was a resounding success for the Dabawenyos for it showcased the pool of talent that we have - be it in fashion or in the arts. Let's toast to that!