KEEPING with the observance of the Lenten Season, Let's CrabEat!, a restaurant that specializes on seafoods and Chinese cuisine on Torres street in Davao City, offers heavenly delights, most of which are meatless, for families and friends to enjoy.

It's a tradition that during the Holy Week, most Catholics change their diets, giving up all kinds of meat on their dishes. Some people fast to cleanse the body as a sacrifice and as a way to get closer to a spiritual power.

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But for those who observed the Holy Week, the dietary restriction does not mean restricting flavor.

Seafoods are available in this time of the year, and Let's CrabEat!, a homey, yet affordable resto, offers them through its Dinner Buffet on Holy Tuesday.

Tomorrow, families and friends can partake of the resto's wide array of dishes available on its buffet table -- from appetizers to desserts.

For appetizers, you can try its squid calamari with bread crumbs of tuna kinilaw as you consume a bowl of corn soup. Salads are also available, such as green mango with cook shrimp paste and fresh garden salad with thousand island dressing.

For main course, its seafood galore. Pamper yourself with delectable and limitless crab with sate sauce, crab szechuan, steamed pompano with tausi and hot and spicy shrimps.

But the resto remains friendly with those who still prefer meat in their food, offering roasted chicken, satemi noodles and spareribs with red sauce. Steamed rice and fried rice are also limitless.

For dessert, you have fresh fruits with cream, fresh mango float, macaroni salad, almond jelly with lychee and assorted pastries.

You can have all the above for only P395 per person, including a choice of bottomless iced tea or a bottle of white wine for a group of six.

According to Nordick Lopez, who owns the place, the resto offers dinner buffet every 15th and 30th of the month, from 6 to 10 p.m.