WE NEED a distraction from what’s been going on with the world. If watching movies or reading a book isn’t enough, we turn to our trusty phones for some entertainment. With the slew of apps at our disposal, comes an endless supply of distraction. With this in mind, here are some gaming apps frequently used by our team when they’re not doing the daily grind.

“SOMETIMES when I’m not on Facebook or Instagram, I spend my screen time living in the ‘Sims’ world (designing my house, leveling up my character, partying with other people) by playing ‘The Sims Mobile,’ a life-simulation game based on ‘The Sims 4’ and ‘The Sims FreePlay.’ It features a multiplayer component and includes story elements. I also play ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,’ a casual free-to-play, role-playing game where you can create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune. I prefer relaxing games because I don’t want to be frustrated or get annoyed whenever I play for fun.”

Marymil M. Cabrera | Marketing production assistant

“Since college, I’ve only really kept two games on my gadgets and that’s ‘1010!’ and ‘Candy Crush.’ ‘1010!’ is a block puzzle game that’s like a modernized version of ‘Tetris’ which I loved back when I was a kid. I guess the reason why I like both these apps is the fact that these make me use my brain. These challenge me to perfect my moves. As nerdy as this sounds, I like using my brain even while I’m passing time!”

Romayne Danielle Rivera | Online marketing producer

“‘DESIGN Home: House Renovation’ is my current obsession, thanks to a friend who introduced this app to me. I’m in love with interior design and this lets me do just that. I get to have fun decorating 3-D spaces set in different locations using furniture from real brands. I like how I can go crazy mixing-and-matching items and themes. I also get to learn what goes well with what; the effort and patience one needs in styling a room; and to always stick to the basics because most of the time, less is more. Every challenge is voted by the rest of the users which is nerve-racking because if your design doesn’t reach the four-star or five-star level, you don’t get rewards like furniture or diamonds which you can use to buy items. The game brings out the competitive spirit in me (yes, styling can do that).”

Monica R. Lopez | Writer

“I DON’T know if you consider this old-fashioned or boring but when I need a quick distraction, I turn to ‘One More Brick.’ It’s a simple drag-and-drop game that plays with my OC tendencies: Find an angle. Release the killer bouncing balls. Clear the screen of bricks. Then during the weekends, when I have some free time, I go play ‘Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’ with my siblings or friends. It’s stressful at times but it fires up my competitive spirit. One game can stretch up to 40 minutes if my group and I are up against a formidable foe.”

Luis A. Quibranza III | Editor