AT LEAST four Bacolod-based teams, two each in the men’s and women’s events, have remained in contention for the title going into the final rounds of the 2nd Lopue’s Open Table Tennis Championships 2010 at the Lopue’s Table Tennis Center, located at the ground floor of Lopue’s San Sebastian.

The two Bacolod teams in the women’s team event Group A were UNO-R and Lopue’s A while he two others in Group B were Lopue’s B and Bacolod.

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Other Group A teams were Makati and University of the East in Group A while in Group B were Lopue’s B and Bacolod together with Team Cebu City and Metta.

In men’s action, the top seven finishers in Group A were Andro, Lopue’s A, Makati, Tatand-Joola, UE, AD Marketing and Iloilo City; while those in Group B were Hua Ching, Metta, Tatand RT, Lopue’s B, Team Cebu City, Imus Andro and Bacolod.

The awarding ceremony was held at the Great Wok of China Restaurant at Bacolod Chopping Center at 7:00 last night.