MANILA -- Poll watchdog Kontra Daya 2010 has released an initial list of party-list organizations that it says is linked to the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

The list, according to Kontra Daya, includes the following:

1. Ang Galing Pinoy

- First nominee is Pampanga congressman and presidential son Mikey Arroyo. Second nominee is Lubao Mayor Dennis Pineda and third nominee is Bacolor Mayor Romeo “Buddy” Dungca. All three are elected officials from Pampanga and members of the ruling coalition Lakas-Kampi.

2. 1-Utak

- First nominee is former Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes. Reyes has defended the oil deregulation law and the oil companies on many occasions. These issues pit Reyes against the very sector he now claims to represent. Second nominee is former LTFRB official, lawyer Vigor Mendoza who is also their current representative in Congress.

3. Ang Kasangga

- Ang Kasangga’s new first nominee is businessman Teodorico T. Haresco who, as one website says, “is primarily known for his involvement in the President’s Bridge Program, a sustained infrastructure and fast-track rural development project spanning over 14 years.” Haresco also sits on the Board of Directors of the PNOC and heads various corporations with partnerships with foreign businesses. Second nominee is Eugenio Jose V. Lacson, three-term mayor of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental and a member of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) – United Negros Alliance. Third nominee is Anna Maria Nava, the wife of current Guimaras Governor Felipe Nava. Fourth nominee is Enrique V. Martin a Board Member of the Capiz provincial government. Fifth nominee Segundo M. Gaston is the Senior Vice President for support and subsidiaries of the Philippine National Construction Corp. (PNCC)

4. Batang Iwas Droga (BIDA)

- Batang Iwas Droga has Sheryl Genuino-See, daughter of PAGCOR chairman Efraim Genuino, as its first nominee. Second nominee is businessman Johhny Tan who was also a previous nominee of the party-list group Bigkis Pinoy.

Kontra Daya said it is not clear when See and Tan resigned from Bigkis Pinoy to become nominees of BIDA.

BIDA’s fifth nominee appears to be Special Prosecutor Dennis Villa-Ignacio, who is presently a nominee for the Chief Justice’s position.

5. Kabayan

- Kabayan has Palace executive Ron Salo as first nominee. Salo was undersecretary under the Office of the Executive Secretary of Eduardo Ermita in 2009.

6. Pilipino Association for Country / Urban Poor Youth Advancement and Welfare (Pacyaw)

- Its first nominee is Department of Tourism Assistant Secretary Janet Rita B. Lazatin. She is a member of the Lakas-CMD party and hails from the first district of Pampanga. Second nominee is businessman and former Los Angeles Consul Reynaldo Pineda, who is also based in Pampanga.

7. Association of Labor and Employees (ALE)

- The group has Pampanga provincial board member, businesswoman and known Arroyo ally Catalina Bagasina as its first nominee. Erlinda M.B. De Leon, Ms Arroyo's first cousin, is its second nominee. De Leon, according to the Office of the President's website, served as a special assistant to the President.

8. Abot Tanaw

- Gerwyn See is the first nominee of party-list group Abot Tanaw. Gerwyn is the husband of Sheryl G. See (BIDA nominee) and son-in-law of PAGCOR chair Efraim Genuino. Its second nominee is Mario Cornista who also happens to be the chair of the board of directors of BIDA, according to their SEC registration submitted in 2003.

9. APOI party-list

- Its first nominee is Major General Melchor Rosales, the administrator of the Office of Civil Defense and also a DILG undersecretary.

10. BANTAY True Marcos Loyalists

- First nominee is Evangeline Palparan, wife of Gen. Jovito Palparan who is pursuing his senatorial bid this May.

11. Aangat Tayo

- Aangat Tayo’s nominee, Rep. Daryl Grace Abayon is the wife of Rep. Harlin Castillo Abayon (Lakas) of Northern Samar.

12. Abono partylist

- The Abono partylist has Robert Raymund Estrella and Franciso Ortega III, who hail from the prominent Estrella and Ortega political clans allied with the administration.

13. Abante Tribung Makabansa (ATM)

- First nominee is former Army Col. Allen A. Capuyan. Capuyan was among those implicated by former T/Sgt. Vidal Doble in the “Hello Garci” controversy.

According to Doble, Capuyan was among those who implemented “Project Lighthouse” or the wiretapping of personalities during his stint as head of the Intelligence Service of the AFP’s ‘special operations group’.

14. Alliance of People’s Organizations (APO)

- First nominee is businessman, Arroyo ally and former Ilocos representative Salacnib Baterina. Third nominee is Anna Marie Ablan, daughter of Ilocos Norte Representative Roque Ablan Jr.

15. Anad

- Nominees include farther and son tandem of Pastor Alcover, Jr. and Pastor Alcover II. The elder Alcover has described himself as an “anti-communist vigilante.”

A total of 185 party-list groups out of the 187 organizations accredited by Comelec have submitted their nominees for party-list representatives. (Kathrina Alvarez/Sunnex)