THE Department of Social Welfare and Development in the Cordillera Administrative Region (DSWD-CAR) will soon start processing the second tranche of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP).

Leo Quintilla, DSWD-CAR regional director, said distribution for the second tranche of SAP will be done with digital payments to prevent face-to-face transactions.

However, face-to-face payouts will still be conducted in far-flung areas in the region through the assistance of the Police Regional Office (PRO)– Cordillera.

“Except for far-flung areas in the Cordillera where a direct small pay-out for SAP, Baguio and Benguet will be serviced by our financial service providers,” said Quintilla.

DSWD previously signed a memorandum of agreement with various financial service providers (FSPs) for the digital payment of the second tranche of SAP.

“We still have a small number of recipients for the waitlist but hopefully this week, we can reach the 50 percent and, hopefully, we will receive the guidelines for the engagement of our financial service providers for us to inform the beneficiaries immediately, including the scheduled pay-out,” Quintilla stated.

DSWD is currently finalizing major details on the distribution process of SAP with the Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) and the participating FSPs.

Based on the memorandum of agreement, Landbank will serve as the main depository bank and will download funds to the FSPs.

“Our target for the second tranche is at 108,000 families which are not under the Panatawid Pamilya Program. Ninety-nine percent of our Pantawid Pamilya recipients have already received their cash aids, while those under this program that have yet to receive their cash aids are those without cash cards, who will be directly paid by the department,” Quintilla added.