ASIDE from retirement, politics is what shadows Manny Pacquiao nowadays.

It is Pacman and politics that occupy barbershop talk these days.

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Oh, well, retirement is also in as Mommy Dionisia has not stopped her spin for the most famous son in the world to hang up his gloves—for good.

If only for that, Manny has every reason to love his Mom till Jinkee says, “Stop na.”

Mommy Dionisia’s persistence only proves that she loves her son more than her son’s money.

They have more than enough to provide them even for five lifetimes, but I can see the sincerity in Mommy Dionisia’s prayer to see her Pacman retire from boxing.

So, let’s stop all this gobbledygook about Mommy Dionisia merely acting out a telenovela.

She means it, period.

And for that, I have cooked up an award for her that only Ate Glue’s successor is allowed to award Mommy D the trophy for sheer authenticity.

If there is a Boxer of the Year, there should also be a Mother of the Year in sports.  And I nominate Mommy Dionisia to be the first awardee.

Did I hear, “I second the motion” from the back row?

Motion carried.

What, somebody’s raising an objection?

Go to hell.

Objections will never be entertained.

On appeal, even the Supreme Court is barred from making a ruling or we run the risk of facing a despicable reversal.

We can’t go on being branded as the world’s laughingstock in almost everything that we do.

Even the way we sing our national anthem, we get sued by our own so-called guardians of morals by our simply trying to be a Pavarotti on the penultimate tone of the hymn.

Anyway, where were we again?

Oh, yes, Pacquiao and politics.

Will Pacquiao finally win his favorite fight next to lip-busting—the race to Congress on May 10?

He’s been a tested winner anytime atop the ring. But off it, he has suffered one big blow already.

Thus, he should know by now how to recover from that 2007 political debacle in Gen. Santos.

Another loss—in Saranggani—could be fatal.

It might likewise derail the dream Mommy Dionisia had been dreaming of all this time: Pacman packing up his ring gear for good.

A nightmare for the world’s most famous Mom.