CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Liberal Party (LP) vice gubernatorial bet Marco Lazatin said Monday if he is given the mandate by Pampanga’s electorate, he would work full time and hands-on in the Capitol’s legislative branch.

The young Lazatin, an exemplary but low-key businessman coming from the famed Capampangan clan, is the younger brother of City of San Fernando top councilor and “education czar” Jimmy Lazatin.

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A fresh face in the political arena with high hopes for reforms, he said saying he is willing to make the utmost sacrifice to make the province progress and grow.

“My residence is just a stone’s throw away from the Capitol. For sure I would be able to do my work in the legislative and work hands-on everyday and not just once a week,” he said.

In an earlier interview, the articulate but soft spoken Lazatin said he would make investments generation the centerpiece of his platform.

“Pampanga is full of potential in terms of investments and resources. If we could tap and maximize these, then the province would grow tremendously and we will be able to address many concerns like health, education, infrastructure and social services,” he said.

“It takes is serious resource utilization and management to accomplish that but it is more than possible with all the opportunities we have,” he added, saying he is fully equipped and capable of taking on the challenges of the legislative even as he is a new comer in public service.

Many of his supporters, associates and businessmen affirmed that it was exactly the edge of Lazatin as he is, they said he is “untainted and uncorrupted,” aside from being deeply religious and a loving family man.

“I refuse to think politics is dirty,” Lazatin quipped as he narrated how divine providence made him eventually join running mate Governor Eddie Panlilio’s “Cruzada” (Crusade for Good Governance).

“I saw then how he [Panlilio] single-handedly instituted reforms and advocated for good governance, ethical leadership and responsible citizenship. I told myself if one man can do it, why can’t two, which is better and springs more hope for our fellow Capampangans,” he concluded. (Jovi T. De Leon)