MANILA -- The Manila Electric Company assured the public on Tuesday that it is ready to provide 24-hour assistance during the Holy Week.

In a statement, Meralco external communications manager Joe Zaldarriaga said all of the company’s emergency crew will be on alert and will be able to respond to any contingency. He added that they have set up measures to respond to unexpected power interruptions.

Zaldarriaga said that although power distributor regularly upgrades and maintains its facilities, there have been instances, although rarely, when some areas under the Meralco franchise might experience localized and isolated power outages.

In case of emergencies, he reminded Meralco customers to call Meralco’s 24-hour call center hotline at telephone number 16211.

“Our call center is ready to respond to customers' need at any given time. Its service is available 24/7,” Zaldarriaga added.

The spokesman also advised customers to visit the company’s website to give them more information about Meralco and its services. (Virgil Lopez/Sunnex)