PARENTS of two toddlers too fragile for the crosses they bear – one since birth and the other after he turned two – find themselves in desperate search for Samaritans as this Palm Sunday ushers in Lent.

Young couple Ferdinand and Juvy Flores just renewed their appeal for three-year-old Franz Asher, their second son who learned early how to balance himself, only to find himself unable to walk by the time he was 2.

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Last May, Franz was diagnosed for acute lymphocytic leukemia or cancer of the blood. The devastating news was somehow cushioned by the medical trend of children victims of the disease having better prognosis than adult patients.

Ferdinand, a retreat coordinator at the Assumption Sabbath Place at Crystal Cave, and Juvy, in marketing for a construction firm at Camp 7 pooled their savings. With support from donors, some of whom requested anonymity, Franz went through the initial phases of chemotherapy with promising results.

Last Christmas, however, the boy suffered a relapse and was back to square one. He was due for his monthly chemo last March 8, but the procedure was called off as she he had to be confined for fever and diarrhea.

“Today, we are still in the hospital, hoping he would be better and his cells are found to be normal to have his chemotherapy before going home,” the couple wrote last March 15.

The couple can be contacted through cell phone numbers 09283774560 (Ferdinand) and 09182477935 (Juvy), or at 140 Misasion Road, Crystal Cave.

The other boy, five-year Michael Frigillana, was born with a weak heart medically termed vertival sepatal defect (VSD), coupled with Down Syndrome. He arrived home with his mother Maribel late last Monday night from his periodic check-up at the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City.

“The doctors said he will eventually have to undergo surgery, but is now on maintenance medication, which is quite difficult to maintain,” Maribel said.

In her social case study report, city social welfare aide Janine Ablaos said the couple and their only child share a house with paternal relatives at Guisad Surong. Rogel, Maribel’s husband, earns P300 as a labore, just enough to sustain their daily needs.

“Sana matulungan n’yo po kami kasi isa lang po akong house-keeper, wala po akong trabaho at ang asawa ko po naman ay isang laborer lang at hindi pa po regular ang kanyang trabaho,” Maribel said in her letter-appeal.

Samaritans may reach the couple through cellphone number 09203460365 or at 182 Purok 3, Guisad Surong, Baguio City. (Ramon Dacawi)