Gary V shares how he found a support system for life’s uncertainties

Gary V shares how he found a support system for life’s uncertainties

KNOWN to many as "Mr. Pure Energy," Gary Valenciano has lived up to that title for 37 years in show business, having won numerous awards, starred in countless films and danced on more stages, all while also raising a family.

The 55-year-old singer was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in his teens, so he's no stranger to health issues. “I learned to take care of myself as my mom was in the USA. When I married Angeli, she studied diabetes and its potential complications so she, in some way, became my nurse,” he shared.

He recalled that moment in April 2018, when he and his son Gabriel performed on ASAP and he complained of chest pains.

A few weeks later, it was discovered through an angiogram that he had 95 percent blockage on his left artery and had to immediately undergo a cardiac bypass surgery. While still reeling from this heart operation, they found out he had kidney cancer.

He admitted that the new diagnosis was a big blow to him and his family. Prayers and constant support for one another became his family's anchor during that difficult time.

Gary’s hospital bills made them realize just how costly medical expenses can be. He said that when it comes to financial planning, he would just trust God for it but he also knows that there are tools He has given us in order to live productively. "With the help of savings, an insurance plan and some generous friends, we covered all the costs without a loan,” he said.

Gary recently signed with AIA Philam Life as its newest ambassador. Through Gary, the brand hopes to inspire Filipinos to live a healthier, longer and better life. “With AIA Philam Life having my back, I know I’m in good hands. I know I have been insured and assured I’ll be okay,” he said.

Most Filipinos are financially unprepared for medical emergencies. That is why AIA Philam Life came up with a product that can support them when the worst health crisis happens. The company's new product, AIA Med-Assist, is an affordable variable life insurance plan with medical benefit rider designed to address medical expenses due to hospitalization.

Gary's own experience taught him the importance of protecting oneself and one's family and having a backup plan to ensure savings remain untouched during unexpected circumstances.

Available for 18 to 55-year-olds, AIA Med-Assist comes in four different packages ranging from P500,000 to P4 million yearly hospitalization coverage to match one's budget with a long-term payment scheme for more manageable premium payments.

The plan comes with Daily Hospitalization Income for every day one is confined and a lump sum cash benefit for beneficiaries in the event of loss of life. It is also powered by Philam Vitality, AIA Philam Life’s science-backed wellness program which incentivizes members with rewards for knowing and improving their health.

For someone who was given a second shot at life, Gary said there were many life-changing lessons he picked up along the way and has since treasured, including having his family and AIA Philam Life as his best support system. “I always believe you work on your strengths and entrust your weaknesses with those who can partner with you to take care of the rest, then you can’t go wrong.”

To know more about AIA Med-Assist, one can visit the AIA Philam Life website at, Facebook page at, email or call (02)8528-2000.


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