LIKE the Red Sea that Moses parted, there seems to be a great divide as to how to spend the Lenten season: to pray and keep the faith or to have fun and frolic around?

For the sake of argument, however, I’d rather be at the beach.

It is one rare occasion that all members of our family can take a leave from work and school. And besides, it’s summertime, so where would be the best place? Altogether: beach!” — Ivy Joy Llegunas, publishing services associate

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“Coming from a family of devoted Christians, I do and will always respect the traditions that we have. But I do understand for most people who opt to use this time as a perfect venue to get together as a family or as [a group of] friends, considering the schedules that they have.

“Nevertheless, I think faith is not just exemplified through traditions. It’s more of my personal connection with God.” — Akie Casajoras, director, Circa Models

“I’d probably be in neither of the mentioned. I could be in Mt. Guiting-Guiting or at the sea, paddling — but surely, I will drop by the church to go to Mass. Also, I have been practicing abstinence from some not-so-good habits since Ash Wednesday.” — Sherina Advincula, quality analyst/adventure facilitator

“Holy Week is the best time to spend quality time with your friends, family and loved ones. You may head to the beach and enjoy the summer heat and the turquoise waters, or you may choose to “religiously” re-connect with your spirituality at a nearby church or get in to a retreat. You may do both at the same time.” — Mark Masa, managing director, Timeframe Media-Cebu Events

“Personally, every Holy Week, we take time out to observe the usual Lenten practices. For our family, we have a carro (carriage) in Minglanilla, featuring Jesus Christ’s first fall.

When we’re in the country [in a] season like this, we make it a point to keep the tradition of joining the procession on Holy Thursday. After that, we go to the beach and spend the rest of the weekend.

“This Holy Week, it will be Moalboal for us. Well, I think what is important is that we spend this special time off with Jesus, reflecting on His passion and above all, His great love for us.” — Joy Bernaldez, fashion designer

“As a born again Christian, I do not observe Holy Week. I honor Christ in remembrance of what He did, His death for my sins and His resurrection for my salvation. I don’t need traditions or any religious festival to honor Him. In addition, I’ll be at work all week so my answer would be neither (i.e. church or beach).

While others opt to join in the solemn rites of the Church, others make the most out of the non-working holiday to soak up some sun. We grilled people to find out whether they’ll be at the Church or at the beach, and rounded-up their possible whereabouts during the Holy Week.