YAW-YAN Ardigma Martial Arts Federation, Inc. kicks off its summer clinic next week in its new gym at the 4th Floor of the Coast Pacific Downtown Center (across UC Main campus) on Sanciangko St., Cebu City.

Yaw-Yan-Ardigma Summer Clinic ‘10 will offer courses in arnis, boxing, fitness, Yaw-Yan combat (self defense), Yaw-Yan Ardigma System and mixed martial arts (MMA).

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Dance of death

Yaw-Yan Ardigma is derived from the two syllables of “Sayaw ng Kamatayan” ( Dance of Death), an authentic Filipino martial arts, which was first introduced to the public

in 1972 in a simple ceremony in Sta. Cruz, Manila by the Originator GM Napoleon “Nap” A. Fernandez.

Yaw-Yan Ardigma is an all-out martial art using the body as a weapon, it trains the students in areas ranging from punches, kicks, head and shoulder butts, elbows and knees to take-down and ground-fighting techniques. It is effective in the ring as it is in the streets.

Yaw-Yan Ardigma’s aim is “to encourage the youngsters to study the art of self-defense instead of indulging in drug addiction and other vices” and “getting fit this summer.” It is open to all ages for men, women and children.

Classes will start on April 5 and enrolment for the summer clinic is ongoing every day. For more inquiries contact Yaw-Yan Ardigma at 09198215582 or 09327316232. (with PR)