BACOLOD City councilor Celia Flor, executive director of Dawn Foundation, urged Tuesday several couples in the city to participate and join the family planning seminars.

Flor said since last month, Dawn Foundation held its natural family planning seminar for almost 2,000 couples in different barangays in the city for the benefit of the couples, most especially the young ones.

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Flor cited that in some barangays in the city, it was noted that several young couples aged 17 to 21 have two or three kids already. “So, we really have to harmonize the programs of the government in terms of family planning.”

She said if the local government will not take any action on it, “the city’s populations will increase in just a few years, which is also the cause of poverty.”

She added that the Dawn Foundation aims to educate Bacolod couples on how to plan their families for a good living.

Flor emphasized that in the present setting, “big number of families may cause poverty and malnutrition.”

“We really have to be serious in this kind of program, especially the local government and some non-government organizations such the Dawn Foundation,” she said.

She said that next week, the Dawn Foundation will hold another seminar to 4,000 couples in the City of Bacolod for natural family planning, noting that it would be another development program of the City Government. (MAP)