THESE two political propaganda caught my attention because they tend to catch the emotional aspect of the viewers.

First is the camp of Villar. Since the campaign started you will see some children and teenagers singing, with the message that the Nacionalista candidate is right person who would fulfill their deepest aspiration.

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Second is that of Aquino, wherein the Liberal standard bearer is evoking the memories of his parents hopefully to make us aware of his continuous fight against corruption. Looking closely at this strategy, both are somewhat exploiting our emotionality that oftentimes we are known by other countries. Probing closely in these strategies, it is equivalent to cheap political gimmickry.

Is there something wrong about these advertisements? Definitely yes, because they tend to obscure the objectivity of the candidate’s advocacy. Let me take them one at a time, first at Villar. Who would not pity seeing those children and teenagers singing, especially depicting their poor situation? There is a subliminal message, in fact, that clearly says you must vote for him because he came from being poor and he cares for the poor.

Here we must be cautious because sometimes the reality could be far more evident than the one projected on the advertisement. I mean to say how poor was he to level himself in such situation. Some can claim to be poor, yet still able to eat three square meals a day, with or without the snacks even. The fact of using children bothers me also, because their gullibility is being used purportedly to claim that they would vote for him had they have the chance to do so. Is it okay to use minors for campaign purposes?

The Aquino campaign is highlighted mainly on its fight against corruption, even though the strategies would vary. If you notice the way they make their campaign rounds, they would conjure issues of some politicians hoping to subliminally also get the favor of the voting public towards them. Their latest TV ad, showing video streams of the Ninoy assassination and Cory’s burial, would really touch our emotions. But ladies and gentlemen, we have to be careful because our emotions can sometimes affect our sound thinking. It is normal to feel them, yet we must step back and think hard if those videos are really necessary.

For me, it is sign of being weak because he cannot stand on his own ground. Corruption has long been there even before Marcos’ reign, and the reason why it is still rampant is that most of those who do it are oftentimes the one who pretend to be against it. Just looking at his lineup would remind us of the usual politicians during Cory’s tenure. If he wins, it would be back to the Kamag-anak system and the a worse case scenario would be a vindictive type of administration to those who go against them, as I deducted from his live interview fussing about the need to create a bureau to go against the perpetrators of the various scandals from the current Arroyo administration. It makes me wonder what’s the use then of the PCGG which his mother created after the EDSA revolution.

It is said that to make a sound decision we must empty ourselves and find out what we really need and want to do. In this coming election, please do not be swayed by your emotions due to these heart provoking scenes. For what would be a matter of seconds emotionally felt compared to six years of degradation and incompetence. They are playing our emotions, ladies and gentlemen. It is time to make a common stand by choosing wisely the set of leader who would guide us to six years of prosperity, morality and justice. (