MANILA--Sarangani Governor Miguel Dominguez, national president of Lakas-Kampi-CMD, resigned a day after standard bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro, national chairman of the party, stepped down from position.

Dominguez said his resignation is due to his desire for the incoming chairman to have a free hand in selecting the new party president.

In a television interview, Deputy Secretary General Raymundo Roquero said that the party president’s resignation came as a surprise. Lakas, currently without a chairman and president, plans to hold a special national executive committee meeting to decide on their predicament.

Roqeuro admits of the irregular routine the party is undergoing.

However, he said a constitutional rule of succession in their party mentioning Lakas executive vice president Honorable Pablo Garcia, vice chairman Governor Oscar S. Moreno, and vice chairman Honorable Eduardo Manzano as possible successors to the top positions.

Lakas said it will continue its support to Teodoro as the party's standard bearer. (Ian Joplin Virrey/Sunnex)