BAGUIO Mayor Benjamin Magalong announced City Hall reopened Friday, August 7, 2020, as disinfection and contact tracing protocols have been completed.

However, the PFVR Travel Processing Center will resume operations on Monday, August 10, and directs all travel authority applicants to process documents at the Baguio Athletic Bowl.

PFVR was closed on Tuesday after three City Hall personnel tested positive for Covid-19, suspending the processing of travel documents to give way for disinfection and testing.

Magalong in an Executive Order on Wednesday also ordered the mandatory wearing of face shields for employees, workers and other personnel in business establishments, banks, and government offices while on duty. This includes the installation of transparent physical barriers in their work stations to prevent possible aerosolized transmission of Covid-19 particles.

The mayor reiterated a previous order which mandates all workers, employees and vendors in the public market, satellite markets, supermarkets, groceries and drivers of public utility vehicles to wear face shields, face masks and hand gloves and saw the need to expand the order for industries operating in the modified general community quarantine (MGCQ).

Magalong said there has been an increase in Covid-19 cases in the city as a result of eased restrictions due to the MGCQ classification, combined with aggressive operations for expanded testing for members of various sectors.

“Extra vigilance must be had in areas where there is a consistent person to person interaction, especially in enclosed spaces such as business establishments, banks and government offices,” the mayor said.

The primary reason for the face shield requirement among workers is to avoid aerosolized transmission through person-to-person interaction.

Employees and workers are allowed momentary breaks from face shield usage in times when they are not physically interacting with their clients or co-employees.

As of August 5, Baguio’s active Covid-19 cases are now at 77, with three deaths and 66 recoveries totaling 146. Twenty-three barangays are still on lockdown.