THE Cebu Provincial Government will release funds totaling about P336.6 million to help local government units (LGUs) and businesses across the province hurdle the Covid-19 crisis.

Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia made the announcement in a speech during the 451st founding anniversary of the Province on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020.

Garcia said P2.5 million will be released to each of the Province’s 44 towns and six component cities, while its 1,066 barangays will also receive P100,000 to help them with their Covid-19 response.

Garcia said she will prioritize the release of more assistance to towns, cities and barangays that have been greatly affected by the crisis.

The governor noted that aside from workers being affected by the pandemic, many of Cebu’s industries including agriculture, business and tourism have also been affected.

Garcia said with the Province now under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ), it was time to proceed with Capitol’s Enhanced Countryside Development (ECD) program.

“In order to progress, we will be moving outside into our towns and cities and bringing development to the countryside,” Garcia said.

Garcia said she has allocated funds for the towns and cities to help them revive industries that were affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Of the P2.5 million allocated to each of the towns and cities, P1 million will be used to buy vitamins for constituents, while P500,000 will be for the purchase of air purifiers and ultraviolet sterilizing lamps that will be placed in the respective municipal and city offices to help detect and destroy viruses.


The other P1 million will be for the LGUs’ Sugbusog Program and for the purchase of seeds to grow lemons, turmeric and others crops that can help boost one’s immune system.

The Sugbusog Program or Sugbuanong Busog aims to encourage residents of Cebu Province to plant in their own backyards while stuck at home during the quarantine period.

The program includes developing of a vegetable garden within each barangay, sitio and household.

Through this, every family will be able to eat especially during times of crisis, Garcia said.

Meanwhile, each of the barangays in the province will receive P100,000 to assist them in their Covid-19 response.

Garcia said P15 million will also be released to Vice Gov. Hilario Davide III and P5 million each to the 18 Provincial Board members to help micro, small and medium enterprises affected by the crisis in their districts.

Garcia said the funds will be monitored to ensure that these are properly spent.

Other projects

Garcia also announced that spite of the Covid-19 crisis, the Provincial Government will continue to implement its projects such as a 250-kilometer concrete access road to the barangays and an irrigation program.

Garcia said the Province currently has around P202 billion worth of assets in its possession.

Garcia said another P168 billion was added to Capitol’s assets last year following her campaign to retake some of the Province’s properties that were allegedly either illegally sold or donated during the previous administration.

The properties include land located in Salinas Drive, Barangay Lahug, Cebu City, access roads along Cebu IT Park, and the turnover of the second building of FLI-Cyberzone Cebu (FCC).

Garcia said providing assistance to the LGUs and to affected businesses in the Province would not have been possible if not for these steps.

“Nasayod ako nga kadaghanan ninyo naghulat, kadaghanan ninyo ang mga nangutana kanus-a mahuman, tagai ta ug gamayng panahon (I know that many of you are waiting and asking when all this will end. Give us a little time.) We are doing everything humanly possible in spite of our 50 percent skeletal workforce to achieve all of these projects because you have long deserved this,” Garcia said. (ANV / MMC)