WITH no vaccine for Covid-19 in sight yet, this year’s Kadayawan will be different. No splash of vibrant colors around town, no street dancing, no drumbeats early in the morning, no floral float parade, no gathering at the tribal village, no concerts, no exhibits, no fancy food promotions and other events that usually fill Davao’s August calendar. The month will be quiet, but there will be reasons for us to celebrate in our little way.

This year, I will miss the fun things the festival has to offer. I won't have “aerial coverage” of the morning parades, which I’ve been doing for the past years. No, I don't own a drone, I just live in a building that offers a view of the street where the parade commences. Hotels won't be sending out invites to partake of their themed buffet offerings (bright side is no weight gain). No mall activities to watch design and fashion competitions. No art exhibitions. These are pretty much what I look forward to during Kadayawan. I shy away from concerts and mall shows because I’ve outgrown them (and yes, because I’m old).

What we can look forward to is why the Kadayawan is celebrated. The view of the majestic Mt. Apo is clearest at this time of the year, fruits will be bountiful and flowers will be showing off its beauty. These will forever be the spirit of the season.

Here's one interesting thing about this pandemic. Ever since the country (and the rest of the world) was put on lockdown, Mother Nature started healing herself. Magical things transpired on land, sea and air. The skies turned bluer, the ocean cleaner and we were all amazed. We went back to basics, grew appreciative of simplicity. Our consciousness is tuned in with nature (that much I would like to believe). Associating that with the Kadayawan, we will see greener foliage (and the appreciation is on an all-time high with households bringing the outside in), taste sweeter fruits, and be amazed by the blooms in electrifying hues. Perhaps these objects were what it usually was, but since we’re more focused on them now, we see it in a new light. We are more aware. That’s a good reason to celebrate.

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