HEALTH and wellness is not just the absence of sickness. If we are healthy, all our bodily functioning and system are integrated, harmoniously balanced within and with the environment. In equilibrium, our immune defense system can efficiently keep in line many dangers we face in life such as disease-causing organisms, toxins, or stress of various types and, yes, even Covid-19.

What makes one Covid-19 candidate


We were born with different capacities and abilities to fight sickness. From our parents, we received our inherent strength as determined in part by our genes, to fight illness. If we inherited good genes, we have greater strength to fight diseases. In part, external factors which act on our genetically acquired ability to adapt and battle with the disease, provide added layers of influence on our health. On the negative side, recessive genes may also be passed on, like the predisposition to sicknesses like asthma and the contracting of such a disease like cancer.


Our daily food and drinks, along with the quality of the air we breathe have great joint effects on our health. It is best to eat rice, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that are pesticide and chemical-free. Along with fish taken from clean or at the very least, less polluted waters, and free-range chicken, we can attain enough sustenance to be illness-free. In reality, however, many of the food items available in the market are full of pesticides and chemicals. Whether vegetables and fruits, or even meat, almost all commercially available foodstuffs, are either genetically modified (GMO) or loaded with chemicals. The worst are meat and meat products—like pork and chicken that are loaded with growth hormones and anti-biotic. Processed into hotdogs, sausages, and meatloaves – further loaded with preservatives, these food items have been linked to cancer.

Excessive 'Stress'

Research studies in the area of mind and body medicine revealed the direct link between mental and emotional distress and the body’s ability to fight sickness. It has also been found out that unresolved or unarticulated negative thoughts and sentiments are decoded by our body system as neurochemicals. These body chemicals communicate with our other internal systems, causing it to react similarly to when physical stress is present. An example is fear—an emotion that arouses the nervous system and triggers a flood of stress hormones. Adrenal hormones, causing accelerated heart rate and intensified respiration. Under normal conditions, such response readily subsides, but incessant fear, anger, grief and other strong emotions can maintain the nervous system in a constant state of activation. Stress builds up in the body, inevitably assaults bodily organs resulting in much-reduced immunity and diseases like ulcers, high blood pressure, or heart diseases and cancer.

Environmental pollution

Air pollutants and particulates, water, soil and our food intake are contributory factors to diseases that range from birth defects and cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. They also can affect the immune system, causing other chronic illnesses like allergies.

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