“WHAT am I going to eat next?” is something all food-obsessed ask themselves almost every hour of every day. Times may be tough but food is something that has forged a community among us even within a virtual space. In this digital era, it’s easy to engage all senses—and your followers—with a single striking photo of your meal. In fact, food posts are some of, if not the most popular on social media.

And who can blame us? Food allows us access to the world even without the exorbitant price of flying.

Now it would be remiss of us if we didn’t let you in on the new craze that’s taking over our feed. Let us bake it down for you:

Nacho Bake

Although the concept is not entirely new as this does remind us a lot of a nacho cheese dip, it’s still a fun, not to mention delicious, way of enjoying tortilla chips. Ground beef, sour cream, beans, onions, bell peppers and a blend of cheeses are stacked in one tray and baked until it’s melty and the cheese pull is Instagram-worthy. Salsa can be served on the side or incorporated in the dish too. We’re drooling just thinking about the amalgamation of flavors and textures in every bite.

Baked Samgyeopsal

We’ve all complained about missing Korean barbecue places during quarantine. Samgyeopsal has grown to be a Cebuano favorite whether on an ordinary work day or on special occasions. We love bonding over grilling our meats of choice, rolling the slices in lettuce leaves and gobbling them up in one go, long queues notwithstanding. Now there’s a new take on this—the baked samgyeopsal. The base is made of kimchi rice which is then topped with thinly sliced pork or beef, gochujang sauce, cheese sauce, sesame seeds and nori. Again, it is baked and you wrap your own portion in a lettuce leaf.

Shawarma Bake

Shawarma is often devoured with the meat wrapped in toasted pita. For the shawarma bake, imagine having all the ingredients of that wrap but in a multi-layer casserole—the seasoned meat that’s been chopped into bits, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt tahini-garlic sauce and cheese. These are oven-baked until the cheese bubbles. You then eat it like you would sushi bake but using cut-up pita triangles instead of nori squares. Scoop the layers onto the bread and dig in!