BEFORE things get crazy, we’re not talking about taking on one of your annoying online friends “mano a mano” on the emptied streets of Cebu. While you might think that might be good for your mental health (whether you win or lose still remains to be seen), this article quickly explores the physical health benefits of boxing as a workout routine.

With the recent and shocking news of Cebu’s famed ALA Boxing throwing in the towel after 35 years (just the promotions arm, while its fitness gyms will continue to operate in key locations in the country), this article revisits the benefits of fitness boxing.

When people hear the word boxing, they immediately think Manny Pacquiao beating the hell out of Juan Manuel Marquez (or Pacman hitting the canvas out cold, depending which part of the world you’re from).

Truth be told, the idea of boxing scares most people. But what some need to remember is that boxers are some of the most fit athletes in the world. Their cardiovascular fitness is phenomenal. Their strength and conditioning is precise. Their mental focus is unmatched.

For these very reasons, taking on similar workouts that boxers go through has become popular. Best part of all? You can go enjoy fitness boxing’s health benefits, without getting punched in the face. Yes, you can engage in this exercise either with a personal trainer guiding you or solo.

Here are some of the benefits of fitness boxing:


When you’re constantly and consistently swinging your arms, you’re already giving your upper body some level of work. Also, you’re most probably going to crouch a bit, keeping in mind your leg muscles, with your knees slightly bent. Overall, your core is going to get some good work in.


Fitness boxing definitely gets your heart pumping. This aerobic exercise will boost endurance more than brisk walking or climbing a flight of stairs. Overall, a good aerobic exercise strengthens your bones, burns a ton of calories and improves your mood for the better.


Because you’re doing many things at the same time when fitness boxing, most people get to improve not only their balance but also their hand-eye coordination. Fitness boxing also improves your mental focus and stability. So the next time you miss a step on the street, chances are, you’re most likely able to regain balance and avoid the terrible mishap. Or better yet, you see trouble before it happens and avoid it altogether.

While most fitness gyms are slowly recuperating from the effects of Covid-19, there are a lot of videos online teaching you the basics of fitness boxing.

Get started today!