MYLINE, 39, was disheartened when she learned about her reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test result upon her return from Manila to her hometown in Barugo, Leyte.

But what was more devastating to her was that her six-month-old son, whom she brought during the travel, was also tested positive for the deadly coronavirus disease.

Two months of isolation almost brought despair to Myline.

Tagged as EV-625, Myline recounted the feeling of loneliness, with no one to turn to during her stay at the quarantine facility.

While she tried to console herself, she cannot help but took pity on the condition of her son, according to Barugo Mayor Macel Avestruz.

Being a mother herself, Avestruz understood the emotional and physical struggles of Myline.

Aside from the health problem, Myline was also worried about the situation of her husband, Elmer, who was left in their house in the interior village of San Roque.

While her 36-year-old husband worked as a motorcycle driver, Myline was concerned about his daily needs due to some travel measures imposed in Barugo and nearby town amid the pandemic.

She was helpless with their conditions, but she never loses hope, according to the mayor.

“She continued fighting, she continued to live,” Avestruz said, upon learning the plight of Myline.

After more than two months at the isolation facility, Myline and her son finally went home on Tuesday, August 25.

The members of the Barugo Municipal Inter-agency Task Force for Covid-19 and barangay officials prepared a simple program to welcome their return.

As she arrived home, she was completely surprised by what she saw in front of her.

While being away for two months, her husband was also working double time to finish their house.

More than the structure, Elmer was preparing for a fresh new start.

“It does not matter what life throws at us. What matters most is what we do and how we deal with them,” said Avestruz.

Following the recovery of Myline and her son, Avestruz urged other Covid-19 patients to “take the extra step, extend our faith and tighten our trust.”

“Oftentimes, the brightest rainbows follow the darkest rainstorms,” said the mayor, quoting a familiar saying.

As of August 22, Barugo has 25 confirmed cases, with 16 recoveries and nine active cases.

“Congratulations, EV-625! You have emerged victorious not only against Covid-19 but also on life,” Avestruz said. (SunStar Philippines)