AFTER six months of closure, locals can now enjoy city parks.

Baguio Day month opened leisure for locals to visit city-owned parks like the iconic Burnham, allowing biking and boating activities starting this week.

Burnham Park concessioners strictly adhere to health precautions when patrons rent out bikes and boats. Locals can enjoy slashed down prices of unlimited bike rides starting at P50 for kids and unlimited boat rides at P150.

Vending are still prohibited at the city parks as a health measure. The reformatting of the night market is also underway to accommodate vendors.

Baguio has been making efforts to maintain and improve parks during the pandemic, with plans to plant 40,000 roses at the Rose Garden in time for Valentine's Day in February next year.

The closing of Session Road once a week for strolling is also being studied, with plans to revive Sunday activities if health protocols permits.