ONE barangay and six puroks in Bago City were placed under a two-week lockdown as a measure amid the "large-scale community transmission" of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in these areas of southern Negros Occidental locality.

Mayor Nicholas Yulo issued Monday, September 7, Executive Order 57 and 58, declaring the entire Barangay Ma-ao and six puroks of Barangay Don Jorge L. Araneta, namely, Astro Montara, Violeta I, Violeta II, Crossing La Carlota, Kawilihan and Barangay Site, as "critical zones."

Pursuant to Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases Memorandum Circular 2 Series of 2020, Yulo ordered to place these areas under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

"The ECQ will start at 12:01 a.m. of September 8 and shall remain in force and effect until 11:59 p.m. of September 22 unless lifted or extended," he said.

The EO stated that Barangay Ma-ao currently has 15 active Covid-19 cases, 37 probable and at least 50 suspected cases affecting 13 puroks.

For Barangay Don Jorge L. Araneta, it has five active and several suspected cases affecting the six puroks, it added.

The order further stated that ECQ refers to the implementation of temporary measures imposing stringent limitations on movement and transportation of people, strict regulation of operating industries, provision of food and essential services, and heightened presence of uniformed personnel to enforce community quarantine protocols.

Among its salient points included the implementation of liquor ban also for 14 days in these "critical zones."

During the ECQ, the city shall devise and implement a scheme on delivering food packs and other basic necessities directly to the barangays.

It is also the duties of the city to devise and implement a point to point (P2P) transportation plan for its frontline employees, healthcare workers and non-Covid patients undergoing regular medical treatment, the EO said, adding that it should impose border check points and access road restrictions in coordination with the local police, military, accredited force multipliers and volunteers.

For the barangay, meanwhile, it is its duty to devise and implement a scheme for delivering food packs and other basic necessities to those directly affected by the ECQ within their respective jurisdiction taking into consideration the mandatory physical distancing measure.

Also, it is the barangay's duty to grant ECQ passes to qualified recipients, management and employees of essential businesses, and aid in border check points and access road restrictions.

For persons authorized outside of residence, only persons with ECQ passes and those covered by exemptions listed at the EO are allowed to go out of their residence during the ECQ.

The EO also stated that delivery of all essential cargoes into the city whether of food or non-food shall remain unhampered and shall not be delayed by reason of ECQ.

"All persons, unless exempted, shall be in their homes during the entire quarantine period," it said, adding that any persons failing or refusing to observe this policy shall be dealt accordingly.

For the entire Bago, moreover, the City Health Office reported a total of 144 confirmed Covid-19 cases as of September 6.

Of the figure, 79 are active cases including 73 local or domestic cases.

The city also logged 62 recoveries and three deaths.