I CAME in a little over a year ago. I was scared. I was anxious. I had doubts. Slowly, affirmations came, through social media, through "signs" and most of all through genuine concern and people I engaged with. It was tough being away from the people you love. It still is! But the warmth and acceptance from the people here made things much easier. I felt accepted. I felt loved. I felt I belonged.

The next few months saw relationships and friendships become stronger. Adjustments had to be made, by everyone. It became fun. It evolved. It became a family! God is really great!

Since then, we have held onto OneMGB12. OneMGB12 is an acronym. O: "Original." Created in the image of God, we are unique. N: "Nice." Kindness is spelled N-I-C-E. We need to treat everyone with kindness and humility. E: "Empathy." Understanding our differences means that we need to understand how people feel. Although unique, we can never be kind if we do not view things from the other's perspective. M: "Motivation." Seeing the world from another perspective should be our motivation to improve ourselves, our relationships, and how we move forward. G: "God." Without Him, we are nothing! B: "Blessed." No matter how things turn out, we should consider ourselves blessed. We should consider others as blessings. 12: "Region 12." The number twelve signifies perfection and in this context, it is perfectly okay to be imperfect. This is OneMGB12, our hashtag, our "franchise."

The journey saw some people stepping off our train. Their stops sent them to another journey. They continue on another train ride and we wish them well. They will always be part of OneMGB12, wherever they may be.

As we move forward, my sincere gratitude goes to OneMGB12 as we continue to grow and improve. After this triumph in our 2nd surveillance audit, congratulations are in order. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) for ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 will be carried for this third year and I am so proud of every one of you in the team. The challenge will be greater but I am very confident that with our team spirit, our commitment and desire to exceed our customers' expectations, we will do well and continue to improve and grow.

Well done OneMGB12! Indeed, you are a crown jewel.

"Family is in our hearts, bonded together for life, no matter where you rest your head."

"Like a team in the championship game, our family will rally together in triumph."

"Healing happens when individual hearts combine forces to beat as one at the center of a family."

"Our family cannot be divided, only rearranged. The end result looks different but still feels unified and full of love."

"Each member of this family is a first responder; when we hear the call, we don't hesitate to unify and take action."