Taxing netflix? Yes or no?

Taxing netflix? Yes or no?

VIDEO streaming services like Netflix have made movie marathon dates more exciting since they were introduced. Moreover, during this coronavirus pandemic, these helped people cope with cabin fever as the pesky virus rampaged globally.

However recently, there were proposals to tax these services along with the numerous online businesses that sprouted during the quarantine period. Of course, many expressed their protest. The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) sought to regulate video content in streaming platforms.

Considering these challenging times when the economy has to keep breathing in the midst of a viral onslaught, taxes remain a good source of cash to finance important government projects. But with the long-running quarantine which still limits people’s movements and options for recreation, SunStar LIVE! asks its readers if they are in favor of taxing these streaming services.

“Yes. It’s one avenue that our government can get decent revenue. Besides, Netflix or other video streaming services are just a luxury for some and not an essential need for the many. Well, it’s a different thing when they plan to tax essential goods and services.”

Jules Alexander Yu, | "businessman/industrial engineer

“No, I am not in favor of taxing Netflix and other video streaming services. The government should be happy that most young people are staying at home watching their most favorite shows. The pandemic is hard for everyone and the government can help lighten it up by not asking extra taxes from us.”

Yanessa Shannen Tormis, | interior designer

“I am not in favor of taxing these streaming services especially in these trying times. We’ve already been paying a lot considering and some of us don’t have stable jobs because of the pandemic. These services are among the few that have given people enjoyment while staying at home.”

Ranz Carampatana, architecture student

“I think it is important for policy makers to think of ways that digital taxes might impact the business models of companies that are providing significant value during the current pandemic.”

Arnel Merton, dentist


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