WITH measures against Covid-19 being implemented in workplaces these days, it is the employers, contractors or sub-contractors should bear the cost of anti-Covid measures.

Based on the Dole-issued Guidelines on the Cost of Covid-19 Prevention and Control Measures in May 2020, the employer will shoulder the cost of Covid-19 prevention and controls such as but not limited to: Covid-19 testing, disinfection facilities, hand sanitizers, personal protective equipment, signage, proper orientation and training of workers including instructional materials on Covid-19 prevention and control.

In the case of contracts for construction projects and for security, janitorial and other services, the cost of Covid-19 prevention and control measures will be shouldered by the principals or clients of the construction or service contractor.

The Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) said no cost related or incidental to Covid-19 prevention and control measures will be charged directly or indirectly to the workers.

Dole regional offices are also mandated to provide appropriate assistance to all employers and contractors or subcontractors to facilitate compliance to issued Covid-19 workplace prevention and control by the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Health, Dole and the Department of Public Works and Highways. (WBS)