Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day. While some folks swear by the drink, there are some who have yet to discover for themselves, the pleasure of enjoying a cup or two.

In line with this, here is a basic breakdown of the types of coffee—terms people usually see written on the menu in a cafe—to help everyone decide which ones they would want to order next. Enjoy!


Pure and unadulterated, espresso coffee is made by shooting boiling water through ground coffee beans in high pressure. No sugar. No cream. This may not be a beginner’s starter cup, but eventually, every coffee lover finds his way to enjoying a shot of espresso.


Simple but effective, this here is a shot of espresso coffee plus hot water. Why the name? People think this combo was made by American soldiers during World War II.


Easy and smooth, this here combines a shot of coffee with steamed milk. There are techniques when it comes to the preparation, but generally, these are frothy drinks.

Flat White

This drink takes creamy steamed milk (not frothy) and has it poured over a shot of espresso.

Long Black

It’s like an inverse of the Americano: First pour hot water into a cup, then add two shots of espresso. Long Blacks have a bit of foam and are a bit stronger compared to Americanos.


This type of coffee has three layers to it: A shot of espresso, and then steamed milk, and last, a layer of frothy milk. Most versions include a dash of chocolate or cinnamon powder.


A shot of espresso plus foamed milk. Stronger than a cappuccino.


Take a latte and add chocolate powder—you have a mochaccino. This here’s usually a hit with chocolate lovers.

Filter Coffee

This here is less bitter than espresso but with more body than an Americano. How to make it? Ground coffee beans are steeped in hot (or cold) water, then after some time, filtered out leaving the drink that can be enjoyed on its own or with milk.