Cervantes: Many released from Purgatory on All Souls’ Day

Phone Notes

IT IS important to repeat why I am running this series on the historical Manuscript of Purgatory (used to be known as Unpublished Manuscript of Purgatory): to rev up belief in life after death, a morale booster in these times of apocalyptic prophecies. It is also an antidote to the precept “Life is short, ” a modern, diabolically backed prescription for hedonism that junks the Credo's “life everlasting.”

I have been shearing off the Manuscript to share only the relevant disclosures, leaving aside those which pertain only to the personal life of Sister Mary of the Cross (whom I suspect to be one of the visionaries of the Church-approved La Salette Marian apparitions.) Again, it should be noted that the Manuscript bears the official imprimatur and nihil obstat of Church authorities.

This series is made more timely by the approaching All Souls’ Day in November.

So we continue with the conversation between the living Sister Mary of the Cross (Q) and the deceased Sister Mary Gabriel (A) who was then still in Purgatory.

Q: What happens when a soul goes straight to Heaven?

A: For that soul, its union with Jesus continues after death. That is Heaven, but the union in Heaven is much closer and more intimate than that of earth.

Q: Tell me, in what does true sanctity consist?

A:...True sanctity consists in renouncing oneself from morning to night, in being a living sacrifice, in constantly putting aside the human self, in allowing God to work in and with you as He pleases, to receive the graces He sends you with profound humility, recognizing yourself quite unworthy of them, to live as constantly as possible in the Divine Presence, to perform all your actions under the eye of God, wanting Him only to be the witness of your efforts and your only reward. This is the sanctity wished for and demanded by Jesus of all those who desire to be His only and to live His life. All the rest is pure illusion. Some souls have their Purgatory on earth by suffering, others by love, for love is a true martyrdom. The soul that really tries to love Jesus finds that notwithstanding all its efforts it does not love Him as much as it wants to, and that is for that soul a perpetual martyrdom caused by a love which is not without great suffering. It is, as I told you, rather like the state of a soul in Purgatory, who continually leaps up towards Him who is its only desire, and who at the same time is hurled back because its expiation is not completed.

Q: Do All Souls' Day and its octave bring great joy to Purgatory and many releases?

A: On All Souls' Day many souls leave the place of expiation and go to Heaven. Also, by a special grace of God on that day only, all the suffering souls, without exception, have a share in the public prayers of the Church, even those who are in the great Purgatory. Still, the relief of each soul is in proportion to its merits. Some receive more, some less, but all feel the benefit of this extraordinary grace. Many of the suffering souls receive this one help only in all the long years they pass here and this by the justice of God. It is not, however, on All Souls' Day that the most go to Heaven. It is on Christmas night....

....About the time of our release, we know nothing. If we only knew when the end of our sufferings would come it would be an intense relief, a joy for us, but no, it is not so. We know well that our sufferings decrease and our union with God becomes closer, but what day (that is according to earthly calculations because here there are no days) we shall be united to God, of that we know nothing; it is a secret. The souls in Purgatory have no knowledge of the future except what God sometimes gives them. According to their merits, some souls have more of this knowledge than others, yet what do all these things matter to us, unless it is a question of the glory of God or of the good of souls?

You need not be astonished that the devil or his agents sometimes foretell future events that really come to pass. The devil is a spirit and, in consequence, has many more wiles and ways of finding out things than any person on earth, except the few saints whom God enlightens in a special manner. He roams about everywhere trying to do harm. He sees what is going on all over the world and with his extraordinary sagacity foresees many things before they happen. That is the only explanation. Woe to those who make themselves his slaves by consulting him. This is a sin very displeasing to God.

Q: Can the souls ever be mistaken? Would God allow this?

A: Yes, not about existing things but about the future. Yet there is no imperfection on their part in all this. Does not God Himself sometimes seem to change the order of His plans? For example, it may happen that God wishes to chastise a kingdom, a province, or person. That is the intention He seems to manifest. But by prayers or other means taken by that country, province or person to disarm God's anger, He may grant full forgiveness or a partial remission of His designs according to His infinite wisdom. Often He also allows events to be foretold, or He gives knowledge of them to some soul so that they may warn others and appease His vengeance. His mercy is so great that He only punishes in the very last extremity.

Q: Are many Protestants saved?

A: By the mercy of God, a certain number of Protestants are saved, but their Purgatory is for many long and rigorous. It is true they have not abused grace like many Catholics, but neither have they had the marvelous graces of the sacraments and the other helps of the true religion, thus, their expiation in Purgatory is prolonged.


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