STARTING Oct. 5, 2020, the Municipal Government of Badian, Cebu started charging beachgoers at Lambug Beach not only as a way to help maintain the beach but also to help limit visitors due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Donald Villarin, Badian tourism officer, said the town now charges foreign tourists P65, and locals, P45.

But for students and senior citizens, the town will charge a discounted rate of P35, Villarin said.

Villarin said though the use of the Lambug Beach was free before, they decided to charge fees based on the town’s Local Revenue Code which requires them to ask for environmental development and users’ fees from visitors.

Villarin said: “This is just one way that we not only control those visiting the beach but also general income for our town. The income we get from visitors will be used to maintain our tourist destinations.”

Villarin said only a few people visit Lambug Beach now. Just before the pandemic, around 150 people would visit the beach on weekdays and 300 on weekends.

Aside from charging fees to visitors, the town has also implemented a 50 percent cap on beachgoers visiting there.

Tour guides will be present in the beach to guide tourists to their cottages.

Villarin said: “Our tour guides are trained to help our tourists get accomodated with the tour sites. Aside from guiding our tourists, they will also record those visiting the beach.”

Villarin said beachgoers are advised to follow safety precautions while at Lambug Beach including not bringing liquor to the beach.

The Lambug beach is open every day from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ANV / JKV)