A PUBLIC elementary school in Nangalisan, Tuba, Benguet has now a campus radio station intended as a teaching-learning tool amid the implementation of distance learning.

Batuan Elementary School with 175 pupils is the first school in the Cordillera region to have such a facility which was realized through the help of Godfrey Batore Balacio, the owner of the innovation and head teacher in Marimla Elementary School, Tarlac and Armando Capili who studied at UP Baguio.

Dr. Joan Culbengan, former principal of the said school, said Balacio also installed the gadgets for the campus station.

Batuan school principal Rosalina Ebanio Taqued expressed her deep gratitude to Balacio and Capili for choosing Batuan as a beneficiary of the project which is needed for the education of the school children, especially in this present situation.

On October 5, teams from Benguet Schools Division visited the area and witnessed the launching and testing of Rock Campus Radio of Batuan ES.

Benguet Schools Division Supt. OIC Dr. Benilda Daytaca said members of the team together with the teachers went to identified houses to validate whether the transistor radios can connect with the said campus FM radio.

She added that the team carried with them transistor radios and at the identified households, the sub-teams at Sitio Kilaong witnessed a mother assisting the learning of her child and two more children of neighbors. The team left the transistor radio for the mother to use as a teaching-learning tool.

Daytaca also shared that in Sitio Lumikneng, the sub-team crossed a river before reaching their destination where they also witnessed the same situation wherein a volunteer was assisting the learning of neighbor children. Radios were also left for the children to use as an additional learning tool.

She also mentioned that there are at least 40 households that can access the radio. As to their monitoring on that day, five teams were able to see 25 learners in five locations.

This facility will surely be an added tool to the learning of the pupils of Batuan Elementary School. May other schools in the region benefit from this innovation.

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