IN THE previous years, there have been shortages of classrooms, school desks, tables and chairs in schools. The said dilemma is experienced during the start of classes or the start of the school year.

This year's commencement of classes last October 5, coinciding with the World Teachers Day had its predicaments under the "new normal" way of schooling. The situation is far different from the previous years.

Nope, we do not have insufficiency of classrooms, tables and chairs. In fact, it's on the contrary since students are not in schools but in the comfort of their homes for their schooling. Teachers and other school personnel are the only ones occupying educational institutions today during school hours.

Under the new normal schooling, the problem that was manifested on the official opening of classes was the lack of internet signal in some areas and the slow internet speed in many. The said problems are hindrances to the flow of the new mode of education, the blended and on-line learning.

Some teachers and students have to literally go to higher grounds to get some signals on their phones, tablets or laptops. In the countryside, there are even those who have to climb trees to get cellphone or wifi signals.

With the new kind of school learning, it can be proves that our mobile phone and internet systems are not that really ready for this digital age. Telecommunication companies are seen to have been caught unprepared on the sudden people's need for telecommunications and internet connections.

It seems that we are not yet ready to implement the prevailing advancements in communications technology that other countries have as we are lagging in equipment and facilities to boost internet connections.

Since the influx of internet users there came the slow internet connections or no connection at all. This is due to the high demand in bandwidth and the insufficient of facilities that provide connections.

For the modular mode of learning, some modules have yet to be printed. This is due to lack of printers and other supplies especially in far-flung areas. Further, the modular type of learning is similar to spoon feeding school children and it is up to the latter to learn their lessons or otherwise.

Meantime, parents should play active roles in the modular learning of young children who are into school since they are the ones who will get the modules from school since minors are not allowed yet to go out of their homes.

Further, modules have to be understood too by parents or guardians and be explained to their children. It is a fact we cannot deny that there is this great possibility that parents shall be the ones who shall learn and have to attend to these modules.

In all of these, students, teachers as well as parents, have no other choice except to adapt to the new normal. This is brought by the times and the need to adhere to measures against getting virus infection which might lead to mortality.

Nonetheless, the Department of Education deemed the opening of school year 2020-2021, a success.


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